Canopy Tent Printing in Mumbai

Canopy Tents for All your Outdoor Need!
Whether you wish to have a delightful experience at the beach or a thrilling wildlife safari on a planned camping trip, canopy tents are important to provide you shelter from the scorching sun, and windy storm. These canopy tents are specifically designed to offer protection and shelter from the environmental elements. Not only this, if you want to host the promotional event for your organization, customized canopy printing can help you stood different from the crowd. Today, the market is full of so many different types, brands and models of canopy tents and canopy tent printing in Mumbai can help you further promote your brand in an attractive manner. As such the process is progressed in two ways, either it can be done through screen printing or can be achieved through digital printing.

Screen printing of canopies

Screen printing is associated with the relatively basic level of customization and would be ideal for the company that is already a brand. Canopy tent printing in Mumbai, especially a screen printing is characterized by a simple look and easy graphics with one or two colors, to reveal their presence with pop up tents. Companies that are already a brand and people are aware of their portfolio would want to display their logo and contact details, through such type of canopy printing services. Such type of printing is also widely acknowledged by companies that don’t want to spend more on it.

Digital Printing of canopies

Digital printing offers a wide range of designs with the attractive rich color combination, advanced graphical designs, and customized canopy tents. Although digitally printed canopies are more expensive as compared to their cheaper version, many companies that want to promote their website and opt for advanced branding would generally prefer such types of printing. However, experts suggest that when choosing between digital and screen printing, clients have to always focus on two factors, such as budget and promotional objectives. Moreover, if clients are planning to keep their customized canopy tents around for a longer period of time, it would always be a wise decision to go for screen printing. Since, screen printing is achieved by spreading ink over the fabric, in order to be pulled into the wave of fabric and create a long lasting as well as durable printing. Statistical analysis has proven than screen printing prevents unnecessary chipping, cracking and/or peeling of designs over the period of time, due to environmental factors. Accordingly, various canopy designs are being available currently in the market, some of them can be referred to be as: • Pop up canopy tents • Beach canopy tents • Portable canopy tents • Tailgate canopy tents • Canopies for camping • Shade Canopies

These canopies are being widely acknowledged for their number of advantages such as:

• It can be assembled anywhere within no period of time • Quality assured to withstand wind, rain and other environmental parameters • Complete UV protection • It is made up of lightweight, durable, anti-corrosive metal frames