High Quality Sheet Printing In Mumbai

From woodcuts to the modern lithographs and from original publications to different current editorials; high-quality sheet printing in Mumbai requires high quality of paper and more.

What is the print?

A print can be defined as the piece of the art that is made up of a variety of iterations that is created through a process of transfer. Although, the process and the technology are constantly evolving, so far noted four best techniques can be referred from below:


It is an ancient technique, wherein an artist tries to emboss an image onto a metal board with an etching needle. The metal plate that is being scratched with the needle is kept inside an acid in order to melt the portion of the metal that is being exposed to the acid due to scratching. It should be understood that for high-quality sheet printing in Mumbai it is very necessary to dip the plate in acid for a longer period of time to rinse and clean for better results. In order to squeeze through the process of etching, the dampened towel is being used immediately after removal.


In this type of printing art, the artist has to present his talent on a stone by using grease based medium and lithographic crayons. The stone on which the artist has drawn an image can be treated with chemical exposure to facilitate attraction of ink to it. The stone is then reapplied with some oil-based ink to be rolled and adhered only to the image part of the paper. Artists those were reluctant to learn new techniques of printmaking; are found to be very open for woodcuts as well as etching.

Screen Printing

In this type of a printing, an image that has to be printed should be selected primarily and then the particular image is being cut into desired shape and size. The stencil should them be placed in a frame with a layer of fine mesh around it to get the desired creative masterpiece; by pushing the ink through the stencil. Some of the identified benefits of screen printing are that only chosen portion of the image can be printed. Additionally, thanks to the technological advancements the photographic selection of the image can also be performed with the help of light-sensitive gelatin.

Woodcut printing

In this type of a printing, an image is embossed on the block of the wood and is then carved as per the desired way. The resulting block portion is then coated with the help of an ink, using a roller. The sheet of the paper can be placed at the top on it with pressure to get an impression of the image.

Woodcut is the eldest printing style and is highly acknowledged for its accuracy and presentability, and is continuously maintain the same reputation today also.