Hoarding printing in Mumbai

Hoarding printing, one of the most famous forms of printing in the recent times by companies for their promotion is well famous in Mumbai, the city of dreams. With more than a thousand advertisement boards throughout the city, it has become a requirement of printing services to we are provide hoarding printing in Mumbai. The large outdoor signboard has become one of the main areas of advertisement. Pacific Prints offer this service with superior quality at the most reasonable rates available in the market, making it one of the most common and popular services across Mumbai for these signboards.

Types of hoarding prints

Classic Hoardings are large signboards used by businesses to show distinctive visuals that are often humorous to the public. They are mostly large pieces of paper that are attached to durable backing on some structure. They are mostly found in marketplaces where they can be viewed by more public. They are used to generate the interest of the public, so as to promote sales. Hoardings are of the following types

1. Bulletins: they are the largest hoarding prints, found mostly on highways and expressways. They have the highest visibility owing not only to their size but also to the customization of decorations and extensions.

2. Posters: They are smaller than bulletins, but the next most common type of hoarding printing in Mumbai. They are mostly found in commercial and industrial areas.

These prints require not only superior quality to attract public, but should also be creative enough for people to look at them. Having uninteresting prints on your hoards can cause not only loss of money spent on the printing but also a loss of customers. The message or information should be conveyed in the most interesting, convenient and concise way possible. The board should be readable and quick to read by the passengers.

Types of hoarding boards

1. Mobile hoardings

These hoardings are movable and can be moved at any time. They are mostly placed in crowded places, mostly at events or airports, where there is heavy foot traffic. They follow the principle of retaining information through repetition.

2. Inflatable hoarding

One of the most convenient types of bulletins, these boards consists of the inflatable framework that has an attached banner ad. They are mostly found in sports events or exhibitions

Since bulletins and posters have become one of the chief ways to advertise or provide information by businesses, it has become important for the said companies to find a creative service that provides them with quality work. Pacific Prints is one such service. Not only do they provide the best quality prints, but they are also one of the most trusted and creative services. Their creativity is the pillar of their development. With over 1800 satisfied customers, they offer timely delivery, best customer service, and of course, the best hoarding printing in Mumbai.