Color Prints

Starting at
Rs.5/-per print

  • Special Texture Paper & Card
  • Metallics Paper & Card
  • Brochures, Tent Cards & Flyers
  • Stickers & CD Stickers
  • Non Tearable Sticker & Card
  • Max. Print Size 13" x 40" (inch)
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Color Prints

Essentially, color printers work the same way as monochrome printers, except they go through the entire printing process four times -- one pass each for cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black.

By combining these four colors of toner in varying proportions, you can generate the full spectrum of color.

We at Pacific Prints print Special Texture Paper & Card, Metallics Paper & Card, Brochures, Tent Cards & Flyers, Stickers & CD Stickers, Non Tearable Sticker & Card starting at just Rs.5/- per print.