Non Tearable Printing in Mumbai

When it comes to the specifying the paper quality for commercial printing, many of the designers think in the context of traditional printing lithography. Although, it was perfectly ok, 10 years ago; with the advances in technology, and thanks to the digital printing that has been a go-to method for many printing options, like Non tearable printing in Mumbai. Many of the printing designers don’t consider application of printing equipments before specification of paper quality, which can cause a last-minute havoc for shifting to another paper. This situation however, can be avoided with the help of paper specifications programmed in various printing equipments. Some of the tips in this regard, noted herewith can be helpful in mentioning right specifications.

Offset Lithography

This type of specification will always be able to provide the broader variety of substrate options, especially for commercial printing. The offset specifications go well with all types of printing equipments with better quality. While, certain points have to be noted while considering the proposed option related to the type of paper specifications and quality of the paper offered for printing. In general, customers are able to feel confident with non-tearable printing in Mumbai.

Digital Printing

In case of digital printing, the paper recommendation is a variable option, depending upon the original equipment manufacturer. When it comes to the digital printing, in a commercial market; it is always being referred to be as digital production color printer. Accordingly, as a general thumb rule, the quality of the paper designed for digital printing should be extra-ordinary; because in case of the weight with digital printing; paper thickness should be given preference. Generally recommended thickness in case of digital printing is 60-350 gms. As a matter of fact, due to the two important factors of digital printing, like toner and heat, the finished quality of the paper could be an issue; and hence, the customer should always make sure to look for the paper quality that can guarantee for digital printing. Another good idea to confirm the same is to pre-test the paper samples for finishing on the equipment to get assured about the good paper quality.

Offset web printing

Offset wen printing is generally suggested for larger quantity of printing. In general, the paper that is being specified for this type of printing will be the one that can make items. The customers can find such specified kind of paper from stocked items from web rolls. As soon as you start working on your project, you need to call your merchant representative and specify certain quality of paper, like post-consumer waste.

High Speed Digital Inkjet Technology

This type of printing technology is now a days gaining quick momentum in the context of the customer demands. While choosing the better paper for your inkjet printer, it is highly recommended to demand for the non tearable printing in Mumbai for great results