Rollup Standee Premium Printing in Mumbai

Rollup Standee Premium Printing is one of the most evolving ways of advertising over the past decade or so. Some of the established companies have continuously mastered over some creative ideas to design the same, for grabbing instant attention. In the current scenarios, Rollup Standee can be considered as the great and fastest way of generating 100s of the sheet in a very short period of time.

The technique can be helpful in creating readable prints in a very short period of time.

It is often believed that we can take inspiration from others; in this regard some of the top most companies that have specialized in preparing Rollup Standee have been listed herewith:


A company named to be a Heineken from the US, Amsterdam has created a Rollup Standee with the 3D illusion of a bottle grabbing hand. The Rollup Standee is an exciting way to attract customers and offering a beer.


Every person with little inclination towards fitness and sports knows this brand of fitness and sports material. The company has the expertise for creating Rollup Standee for last many years. However, in the event of world cup 2006, a Rollup Standee created by Nike showing Wayne Rooney is found to be very effective as well as attractive to common people. The said billboard may not have been very useful in winning the match in favor of England; but has been highly endorsed and acknowledged, in fact, it was since then only when Rooney was considered to be as the golden boy instead of Beckham. The poster was also exhibiting the famous slogan of Nike, “Just Do It”.

Online Stationary

Have you ever imagined the demonstration of effect of large sticky tape on a Rollup Standee? No? Then you should definitely consider a recent demonstration of large sticky tape on the billboard, by Penline stationary. The company has used their own tapes to increase the business and sell the benefits. Thus, this Rollup Standee posted in Malaysia has been proven to be a huge success since they used their product only to be the star of the show.


Guinness is identified to be the leader in promoting their brands and products. They are the masters of making a perfect Rollup Standee. Their Rollup Standee is generally in the format of a black background, making it irresistibly attractive. Guinness is never considered to be one of those companies, who find it very difficult to promote the same product again and again; in fact, it is acknowledged to be the unique company that expresses its product lines to be exclusive through their billboards.

The day after tomorrow

Several companies can pay millions of rupees in preparing Rollup Standee, the same way one of the Hollywood blockbusters has tried to increase the awareness, especially in the Bollywood dominated country like India. And this was done through presenting an exclusive Rollup Standee that too an Indian based ad-agency.

Thus, these billboards from around the world have really done a very good job; and it is to be understood that they have spread a good message all over the board. With the consideration of their creativity and imaginary power, it is very apparent that they have mastered the art of making Rollup Standee.